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Branding & Lead Gen: Andy Rice

Andy Rice
17 Aug 2017

Branding & Lead Gen: Andy Rice

Proven Brand Strategies for Driving Revenue Growth

In today’s disruptive business environment, it is key for marketing and sales to collaborate on driving leads and building sales pipelines


Using a combination of his background as a highly regarded brand and marketing strategist as well as his broadcasting experience on similar topics, Andy has found it is important to stimulate new thinking about the role of brands and marketing and the impact it has on sales forces and revenue growth within organisations.

Delegates will be exposed to key insights into why brands make companies successful and the imperative for all key executives to understand their role in fulfilling it. It is now commonly accepted by marketers that every employee (and most external stakeholders as well) must contribute, through their behaviour and attitude, to the external perception of a company’s brand(s). This message doesn’t always get through to staff beyond the marketing department. Andy’s presentation is designed to accelerate understanding of this business imperative.

Andy highlights how sales must work cooperatively with marketing to ensure the internal and external sales teams drive a consistent and aligned brand message that complements marketing campaigns to drive results.

In this presentation Andy covers the role of brands in a business, using real life stories of why progressive brands make businesses more successful. His talk highlights the importance of customer centricity and shares implementable points on theory, practice and results.

  1. Recognise the importance of maintaining and driving brand value
  2. Understand the real meaning of customer-centricity
  3. Discover how to build consistent messaging across all customer points of contact
  4. The key role of marketing to drive leads into your business