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Branding & Lead Gen: Ran Neu-Ner

Ran Neu Ner
17 Aug 2017

Branding & Lead Gen: Ran Neu-Ner

#marketingmustfall. A New Role Defined

Why you don’t need a marketing department unless it drives leads and stimulates an interest for engagement 


The role of the marketing department is often questioned and rightfully so. For years they have been spending the largest budgets to make fluffy TV ads that do very little to actually increase sales.

Ran poses a key question; surely this money could be better spent?

He scrutinises the set up and structure of the marketing world and questions the role of the marketing department in fast paced, sales driven organisations. Ran questions if marketing is still relevant in the new world where customers are always ‘on’ and relying on new mediums to reach new markets and ensure positioning of relevance to existing customers.

In this must see presentation, Ran explores effective marketing techniques that actually work and redefines the balance of power between sales and marketing in a succesful sales driven organisation.

  1. How to build an effective marketing department in a sales driven organisation
  2. Effective marketing techniques for the new world
  3. The value of a brand vs the value of sales