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Leadership & Motivation: Billy Selekane

Billy Selekane
17 Aug 2017

Leadership & Motivation: Billy Selekane

Culture & Leadership Fundamentals for Accelerating Growth

Why leaders need to create an environment and winning culture within sales organisations during times of disruption


Great Leaders use the Power of Story to inspire and take people to new heights and in so doing create an environment where employees are willing to go to extraordinary heights for their leaders and the organisation.

Billy explains that it is not the superiority of your products and services that produce long term and sustainable success, but rather inspired leadership that creates a culture of excellence and produces a team of winners. This is where magic happens.

Billy shares strategies for transforming your sales staff from just being one of the employees to being a powerful and distinct brand that captures ‘top of the mind awareness’ in the minds of prospects and customers.

Billy breaks down the 3 fundamentals must-do’s of leaders:

  1. Sell the Vision to everyone in the organisation to convert doubters and non-believers
  2. Ensure everyone knows their roles and responsibilities in pursuit of the company’s Vision
  3. Create an environment where all employees are treated as important

  1. Learn how five leading companies have excelled through motivated staff
  2. Learn how a strong culture impacts loyalty and drives results
  3. Discover how the power of inspiration and cohesion drive sustainable sales