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Leadership & Motivation: Braam Malherbe

17 Aug 2017

Leadership & Motivation: Braam Malherbe

The ‘I’ in TEAM

The imperative of understanding why the ‘I’ in TEAM is key to driving high performance and team engagement


The classic cliché goes, “there is no ‘I’ in team” but Braam believes that without the “I” in team, a leader or individual does not fully understand and appreciate their value to the team.

“TEAM, as an acronym; Together Everyone Achieves More.

However, if you are not an asset to a team, you are, by default a liability. Being part of a team means it is vital that you deeply understand your value added. What is your contribution to the team?

In this talk, tailored specifically for the Sales Leadership Convention, Braam highlights that the role of the Sales Leader is not to just ‘increase sales’, or ‘provide greater service’ but deep down, to discover unique gifts and talents and by doing so, build a sales organisation with high levels of engagement and purpose. Most significantly; what do you need as a leader to improve?

In his presentation Braam draws on the many life lessons he has learned in the vastness of the Gobi desert and the frozen nothingness that is the high plateau of Antarctica, and just most recently; crossing the Atlantic Ocean in a two man row boat.

  1. Understand how to improve your added value to your team
  2. Learn how to build an engaged team driven to perform
  3. Find out what YOU need to do as a leader to improve