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Leadership & Motivation: John Robbie

John Robbie
17 Aug 2017

Leadership & Motivation: John Robbie

Make a Difference. It Matters!

Leadership Fundamentals for Driving Motivation & Performance


Passion and resilience are at the heart of John Robbie. From representing Ireland and The British Lions, to selling centrifugal pumps to senior engineers at companies such as Sasol, and onto a 30 year broadcasting career where he was always an advocate for good causes, excellence and how South Africans and South African companies are and can be world-class.

In this power-packed talk, based on John’s illustrious career, he reveals the primary character traits that motivated him to awaken at 2:15AM every day for 17 years, and to carry on broadcasting in the face of death threats over his principled stances regarding life, business and living in South Africa.

John believes in five key character traits essential to leaders tasked with growing revenue in challenging and disruptive times; passion, discipline, resilience, integrity and making a difference.

  1. Learn about lessons from the great such as the late Nelson Mandela
  2. How passion is the fuel that drives human behaviour
  3. The importance of discipline and integrity
  4. Why humour matters in business leadership
  5. Why making a difference (especially in sales) matters