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Leadership & Motivation Workshop – Part 2: Dr Marshall Goldsmith

Dr Marshall Goldsmith

Leadership & Motivation Workshop – Part 2: Dr Marshall Goldsmith

Coaching for Leadership

Developing ourselves, our people and our teams


In this fast-paced session, participants will all get to practice and be ready to use ‘feedforward’ – a positive tool for learning that has been successfully implemented around the world.

Marshall shares the essence of his proven leadership development and coaching model that is backed by award-winning research involving over 86 000 respondents.

He illustrates how his Stakeholder-Centered Coaching process has been used to coach individuals, build teams and change organisational cultures.

A few participants will have the opportunity to ask a world expert to help them with their personal coaching questions. The replies will expose delegates to answers and ideas.

  1. You will know how to use ‘feedforward‘ as a positive tool
  2. Learn about an award-winning coaching model
  3. Gain knowledge on using a Stakeholder Centered Coaching process