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Content & Sales Enablement: Andrew Honey

Andrew Honey
21 Aug 2018

Content & Sales Enablement: Andrew Honey

Every Second Counts  

Discover how sales enablement empowers a salesforce as trusted advisors and assist them to dramatically save time and make their quotas.

One of the most glaring red-flags from the 5-Pillar Strategic Sales Organisation Assessment taken by the 2017 Sales Leadership Convention delegates was the Sales Enablement Pillar. Across all organisations, of all revenues bands, in all industries, sales enablement was the single biggest problem. By a long mile.

In this content-rich presentation Andrew shares secrets, stories and case-studies of the power of truly enabling a salesforce.

He highlights how every company is able to exhibit absolute control over this pillar and why there is simply no excuse for any organisation not to deliver a clean 100% score here. All aspects of this pillar can be developed, managed and measured.

Learn how customer endorsements are game-changers for both your salesforce and your marketing department. Learn how, by having the right sales enablement tools available within 30-seconds, gives your company a tremendous competitive advantage.

  1. Learn why customer endorsements are key to decision-making in a buying process
  2. Discover how Aristotle, more than 20 centuries ago, addressed the challenge every seller faces in sales today. The importance of ethos (credibility), logos (logic) and pathos (art of story-telling)
  3. Find out how best-practice sales enablement dramatically impacts productivity and improved performance across the entire sales organisation.