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Customer Engagement: Graeme Codrington

Dr Graeme Codrington
21 Aug 2018

Customer Engagement: Graeme Codrington

Spot the Difference: Rethinking Sales in a Diverse World

How Sales Organisations can gain a competitive advantage by harnessing their team’s differences

Diversity is often considered to be merely a compliance issue for B-BBEE certification, or just a CSI project for social good. But in a world that is increasingly focused on diversity, it can be a strategic competitive advantage.

A successful sales team will be one that is aware of all the ways in which people can be different, and actively applies strategies that take into account culture, gender, personality, religion, race, age, language, disabilities and many other aspects of diversity and difference.

But actually doing this can prove difficult. This session will take a fresh, innovative and practical look at how sales leaders can harness differences in their sales team to ensure they connect and engage with their customers, and be a step ahead of their competitors.

  1. Apply diversity as a strategic competitive advantage, and not merely for compliance
  2. Discover how to improve productivity and enhance engagement in a diverse team
  3. Improve sales by adjusting your selling approach based on 7 key areas of difference.