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Customer Engagement: Joni Peddie

Joni Peddie
21 Aug 2018

Customer Engagement: Joni Peddie

Make Customer Connections that Matter

Learn how to connect most effectively with your clients, using the Enneagram as a ‘system’ for powerful collaboration.

In this presentation Joni Peddie pragmatically shares the system of the Enneagram, as a foundation for ensuring that you play to your authentic strengths and ensure that you maximise your client relationships by collaborating powerfully!

She demonstrates how to boost your effectiveness quotient by quickly ‘adjusting your communication style’ when interacting with a client to improve the way to inform, persuade and influence.

Discover your own style and learn how to develop ‘agility’ and an ability to interact purposefully with the other styles by understanding their ‘map of the world’ while still being authentically real and true to yourself.

  1. Understand your own ‘style’ in order to play to your strengths
  2. Use a system to quickly ascertain the predominant style of your listener
  3. Boost your effectiveness quotient for enhanced relationships
  4. Learn how to be ‘agile’ in order to communicate at an ‘exemplary level’.