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Customer Engagement: Kevin Horsley

Kevin Horsley
21 Aug 2018

Customer Engagement: Kevin Horsley

Memory Mastery for your Sales Organisation

Tips, tools and techniques to enhance your memory for higher levels of customer engagement.

In this presentation Grandmaster Kevin Horsley will expose you to a new way of thinking and empower you to realise the true potential of your memory.

All the learning in the world is worthless if you cannot recall what you know. Not storing information in your mind is expensive and can lead to customer disengagement, embarrassment and poor judgement.

In our cutthroat and competitive business environment, what you HAVE learned and CAN recall may be the most telling advantage you will ever have over your competitors.

In this session, Kevin will impress you with his phenomenal memory, and provide a number of tools and strategies to help you realise that you are a lot smarter than you think. Use the  practical tips, tools and techniques right away at the Convention.

  1. The key fundamentals for developing an unlimited memory
  2. A memory tool that you can use in your sales organisation and life. You will also learn how to implement it during the Convention to deepen your learning
  3. The importance of names and how remembering them will increase your networking and customer engagement interactions.