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Leadership & Motivation: Graeme Smith

Graeme Smith
21 Aug 2018

Leadership & Motivation: Graeme Smith

Built to Last

Gain leadership insights from 11 years of results driven by outcomes and absolute commitment to excellence.

In this inspiring 30-minute presentation Graeme Smith takes us on a leadership journey that highlights the value of determination, maturity and growth.

His story is founded on a double legacy; regarded as one of the best test match openers of all time as well as a captain who led the Protea Cricket team to top the rankings in all three disciplines of the game.

Graeme takes us on a journey through his leadership lessons built over 11 years, backed by numerous personal and team achievements.

He teaches us lessons learnt from leading the most culturally diverse national cricket team in the world and how founding all decisions on a value-based system ensures a team built to last beyond the years of leadership tenure.

Hear first-hand what it took to lead the 2008 Proteas to a first-ever test series win against Australia on their soil and of inflicting the first home defeat on the opponents in 16 years. Find out what motivated him in the third test of the series to bat with a broken hand in the second innings in an attempt to save the Test.

He shares his vision of taking the team forward and his instrumental role in creating “Protea Fire” aligning resilience, truth, adaptability and Ubuntu as the team’s core values.

  1. Using your experiences to hone and grow your leadership
  2. How leadership is instrumental to building a successful team
  3. How to best utilise your team’s diverse backgrounds and talents to build a value-based winning culture.