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Leadership & Motivation: Mark Thompson (Keynote)

Mark C Thompson
22 Aug 2018

Leadership & Motivation: Mark Thompson (Keynote)

Enduring Leadership

Gain insights into the qualities of the world’s most admired leaders based on their most engaged employees and highest performing teams and how they inspire loyalty, engagement and success.

In a broad survey of over 10 000 employees in 110 countries, Mark’s research team identified the top eight leadership traits that people want from their leaders.

He will presents case studies from many of these leaders including his experience working directly with several of them such as Steve Jobs, Charles Schwab and Sir Richard Branson.

Mark will also outlines how the most admired leaders have achieved such enduring success over decades and how they consistently drive improved performance.

  1. How to recruit, grow and retain the highest performing teams
  2. Create a corporate culture that inspires loyalty and engagement
  3. The secret to challenging yourself and your teams to outdo yourselves and achieve long-term growth
  4. Learn what your MVPs (most valuable people) value and what drives them in their lives and work
  5. Learn how to face adversity and bounce back from failures