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Strategy: Greg Fisher – Day 1

Dr Greg Fisher
21 Aug 2018

Strategy: Greg Fisher – Day 1

Making Strategy Work

Developing the mindset, behaviours and practices to transform strategy into results.

Learn how ‘hustle’ and good strategy work hand in hand and why hustle without a strategy is just wasted energy and spinning wheels and strategy without hustle is often just grand ideas with no energy or implementation. Learn about the importance of being strategic (deciding where to play and how to win) but equally, the determination and willingness to hustle and take urgent creative action to overcome setbacks and challenges.

Discover practical activities individuals and teams can do to be more strategic (increase your strategy quotient) and the things that can be done to hustle more (increase your hustle quotient).


  1. Learn key behaviours and practices that transform strategy into results
  2. Discover the mindset and actions that enable you to overcome challenges and roadblocks that stall the implementation of strategy in an organization
  3. Understand how your day-to-day actions impact the inclination and ability of others to execute on your strategy