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Strategy: John Sanei

John Sanei
21 Aug 2018

Strategy: John Sanei

Mastering the Art of Disruption

How to best prepare for a disrupting world and what new habits and behaviours to adopt in order to become the disruptor and not the disrupted.

Is the idea of a disruptor keeping you up at night? Do you even know who will be ‘stealing your lunch money’ in the near future? How can you survive the influx of disruption?

John shares how you need to first look beyond the confines of your own industry because disruptors typically come from outside your sector. Next, you need to become familiar with the new rules of business and how to apply them.

John shows you how to survive disruption by asking new questions about your business, how to set your sights on new industries and new rules and how to move your company from being IQ and EQ focused to being AQ focused.

  1. How to spot disruptors from outside sectors
  2. The ‘new’ rules of business
  3. How to increase your Adaptability Quotient (AQ).