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Strategy: Greg Fisher (Keynote) Day 2

Dr Greg Fisher
22 Aug 2018

Strategy: Greg Fisher (Keynote) Day 2

Engineering for Exponential Growth

5-Pillar Strategic Salesforce Framework & Assessment Workshop  

Utilising your assessment scores from the 5-Pillar Strategic Sales Organisation Framework, begin designing a sales organisation engineered for exponential growth. Learn how to bridge the gap between strategy design, execution and outcomes.

You will be guided through each pillar of the strategic framework so as to:

  • Classify your key strengths to leverage for growth
  • Identify key areas for improvement
  • Develop action plans to leverage strengths and overcome areas for improvement

Your initial plan will be captured in a slide deck developed exclusively for 2018 Convention delegates so you can go back to your organisation and immediately begin engineering for exponential growth.

  1. Diagnose your organisation’s sales strategy to identify key strengths and weaknesses
  2. Apply the exclusively designed slide deck to map your 5-Pillar growth strategy
  3. Return to your company with definitive plans and approaches to engineer your sales organisation for exponential growth using the benchmarks from the 5-Pillar Strategic Sales Force Framework