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Who is John Mattone?

In 2010 Steve Jobs took John Mattone’s leadership assessment and hired him for personal leadership coaching. Now you can take that same assessment and attend his 4-hour leadership workshop.

In 2015, his ‘Intelligent Leadership’ programme – along with programmes by Tony Robbins and John Maxwell – were named the three ‘Top Advanced Leadership Development Programmes’ that change lives

John Mattone is renowned for driving operational success through leadership and cultural transformation and has coached over 200 executives, including Steve Jobs, and addressed over 500 000 people

He is one of only nine coaches in the world accredited as a ‘Master Corporate Executive Coach’.

Leadership & strategy imperatives for accelerating sales performance

Four content pillars

Pillar 1: Strategy
Pillar 2: Leadership & Motivation
Pillar 3: Execution & Productivity
Pillar 4: Customer Engagement



Sales & Leadership Expert Speakers

Please note: Speaker line-up may be subject to change.
Alex Granger

Alex Granger (MC)

He’s rated as one of South Africa’s most entertaining and engaging MC’s

Andrew Honey

He’s worked with two globally renowned sales experts and consulted with some of SA’s leading CEOs on sales turnarounds. He’ll share his learnings.

Braam Malherbe

He ran the Great Wall of China in a single attempt; a distance of 4 218 kms. To achieve this he had to run at the pace of a marathon a day for 98 straight days. This feat can only be achieved if you have a purpose. He will illustrate how purpose is fundamental to motivation and leadership.

Clem Sunter

Companies the world-over have hired him to scenario plan and assess their risks – this year he’ll help you assess yours.

Clive Butkow

With 28 years of consulting at Accenture, he built a revolutionary TRIED & TESTED 10-step plan to close complex deals.

Gary Kirsten

He coached the Indian Team that won the 2011 World Cup and united a nation. He’ll share leadership insights on how he achieved this incredible feat and how you can unite your team.

Gil Oved

He and his partner built SA’s largest ad agency from the ground up through market smarts and adaptability. In 2015 they sold it for a reported R1 Billion.

John Mattone (USA)

In 2010 Steve Jobs took his leadership assessment and hired him for personal leadership coaching. Now you can take that same assessment and attend his 4-hour leadership workshop.

Kate Emmerson

Bestselling Author & International Speaker. As a foremost productivity expert, she’ll help you get yours in order.

Riaad Moosa

Professional Entertainer & Comedian
Vusi Thembekwayo

Vusi Thembekwayo

Adrian Gore calls him a great resource for business leaders. Australia’s former prime minister refers to him as the ‘rock star of public speaking’ and in 2015 he was ranked as one of the top 12 international speakers. This year he’ll assist you in building your sales strategy.

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24-25 August 2016 • Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg